Nambor Food Trading Company is proprietor – ship concern, the proprietor being KAKUMONI BHUYAN, in born and brought up in Kalibor, Nagon, Assam. She has done here education from Nagaon and completed her graduation from Kalibor College. After that she has completed her master in Science ( Botony) from Guwati University. Since childhood she is keen to do her own businessman of country. She grown up in kalibor, which is surrounded by tea garden and also tea factory. So she has done lots of study about the quality of tea production and in willing to do something in tea sector. After having through study and self-experiment of blending tea of different category she has come up of forming unique blends of tea and decided to do the business of Sales of blended and other Tea packs under the name and style of Nambor Food Trading Company.

“Nambor Food Trading in a start up company and established in 10-02-2022 located in Hill view Road, Lokhara road, Jyotikuchi Gitty – 34 ”

What we do

We deal in Tea Sector. Tea is the most common drink all our world. Many people starts the day with a refreshing cup of Tea. Assam Tea is very popular among everyone and quality of Assam tea is very good. So we will procure good quality tea from Tea manufacturer in Assam and blend the same by mixing various categories like Organic Green Tea, Orthodox and CTC and pack them in different size for market. Sample tea of different categories will be first tested in the laboratory and will pass various quality test before order in placed to manufacturer.


We are committed to our customer that we always try to give best quality product. Our team member maintain hygiene through out processing. Raw material are always pass through level of quality test. Customer can contact us for any problem in our product. We take responsibility of our product. Best tea tester of our state( Assam) in appointed for checking the quality of tea. So, we can say that our tea is best product in the market. Our product is 100% natural and fresh.